Community as the Artistic Medium

Though the physical material Michelle Angela Ortiz uses may be paint, the community is the most important medium in her work. As shown in the image, she creates large-scale works that bring together artists and non-artists alike.

The objective of her work is to create awareness; therefore, she must confront her audience in places where the issues that inspire her work will be most noticed. She’s worked in Mexico, Philadelphia, Cuba, on walls and floors, in government buildings and schools. Planning the scaleShe empowers those she works with to understand that art is a tool that can be used as an extension of words and actions.

Angela and I have spoken about the work she plans to create for RACE AND REVOLUTION. As of now, all I will say is she is experimenting with a new way of approaching mural painting. What an honor that she wants to share this artistic exploration with the show. Not all murals are created on walls

In order to support Michelle Angela’s work in arts education, support her work for Race and Revolution by donating HERE.


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