The Provocative Art of gilf!

Brooklyn-based artist, activist, and curator GILF! has something to say. Her works confront social issues with a definitive tone. Whether she is creating awareness or offering solutions, the immediacy and urgency with which she presents her point of view is impossible to ignore. And it is pasted all over New York City. Gilf! is everywhere!

And we need her.

Because of how candid her artwork is, I knew she would be perfect for this summer’s exhibition. She is in the early planning stages of an installation she will be creating for RACE AND REVOLUTION, possibly something cascading down the stairs of the nineteenth-century home that will house the exhibition.

When we visited the space last week, we talked about how the ideologies from one historical era leak into the next. One such example is the period after the Civil War. The Radical Republicans enforced martial law on the Southern states in order to enforce the new laws that were the THIRTEENTH AMENDMENT. Then in 1877, under President Ulysses S. Grant, this period, called Reconstruction, came to an end. And guess what happened next . . . the CHINESE EXCLUSION ACT OF 1882 and then the infamous Supreme Court case of PLESSY VS. FERGUSON in 1896. Not even twenty years after Reconstruction this country denied immigration to Chinese people and created segregation in public spaces.

So what does one have to do with the other? And how does one express this historical bleeding of idea and practices through art? If her previous work is any indication, gilf! will create something provocative and confrontational, something that will inspire action.This is the power and the beauty of her work.

Please make a CONTRIBUTION to make this show possible. We are getting there but need your help!

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