Talwst: Histories Told in Miniature

Trinidad-Canadian TALWST Santiago is a storyteller. He is also a prolific art maker. Fortunately for his audience he has combined these two proclivities. Talwst makes extraordinary, tiny dioramas, building scenes in antique jewelry boxes, some contemporary, some historic, some imagined, some real, but all are incredibly detailed.

Look closely at the image on the left and you’ll see Talwst’s fingers holding the jewelry box. This gives you a sense of scale. He added the bricks for the wall using tweezers!

This summer for RACE AND REVOLUTION, Talwst will be creating something he is calling a “Cabinet of Curiosities”. He was immediately drawn to the wall of built-in cabinets in the nineteenth-century home that is the gallery space for the show. He measured and looked and started talking about contemporary artifacts that represent historical acts of violence.

For Talwst to have made such a strong connection to the space caused me to realize that in some ways the gallery space, Building 8A in Nolan Park on Governors Island, is in some ways a part of the exhibition. In order to see Talwst’s “Cabinet of Curiosities” please make a CONTRIBUTION to my crowdfunding campaign.

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