Jen Painter’s Collaborative Approach to Art Making

JEN PAINTER is a photographer and videographer, but first and foremost she is a listener. She is inspired when she understands the story of the person or people she is shooting. Her subjects trust her and open up to her. It is for this reason I wanted to include her in my public art show RACE AND REVOLUTION.

Jen’s ongoing project called “It’s All Relative” pairs photos of her subjects that express their cultural heritage with photos that express who they are as individuals. A few examples are seen here.

She uses this project to peel back the layers of individuals who pulled away from their cultures of origin to pursue their own paths, but there is an acknowledgement that cultural heritage is always a part of us. This is something that makes each of us beautiful and individual.

More recently Jen has been exploring this process through videography. We have spoken at length about how she might use video in the gallery space for Race and Revolution. I am trying to give her the space to find her medium for the show, but between you and me, I really hope she does video! It would bring a new dimension to the space and to the exhibition.

To help fund this public art project, please make a CONTRIBUTION HERE.

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