Time is Running Out . . .

Folks, I am not going to beat around the bush. RACE AND REVOLUTION, a public art show to be held on Governors Island that explores the roots of racism, needs additional funding. There is one week left to raise money through crowdfunding. Please CONTRIBUTE HERE, and then read on to learn more about the show.


Nine artists will respond to historical documents written by this nation’s founding leaders. George Washington, John Adams, General John Sullivan, and General Thomas Sumter excluded Native and African American peoples from fighting in the American Revolution based on a supposed lack of worth. As the war dragged on, they had to rethink their strategies and beef up the army. They did so by adding Native Americans and both free and enslaved African Americans to the Continental Army.

These race-based agendas have trickled through American history. They have manifested themselves in acts of police violence, in legislation that excludes populations, in voting restrictions, in racist language spoken by presidential candidates.

Nine artists, all of who have been featured in this blog and who you will earn more about in the coming weeks, are creating works to show how they, as people living in the United States, have been impacted by racism. Their works will show a connection between racism today and racism in the time of the American Revolution, a war that was fought to guarantee independence from oppressors.

Starting next week, I will be focusing on the work of each artist, so that you may learn why he or she wanted to be involved in Race and Revolution. We may also get to see sneak peeks at what they are creating! Stay tuned, and share this post!


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