Communities Speak on Racism

Race and Revolution is a public art show that will explore the roots of racism in the United States. Because it is a show for the public and about the public, it is important to hear from the public.  My interns have been out in the field asking people:

What is racism?

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 9.35.32 AMJoe, 18, New Jersey

Racism is a way to make decisions where race plays a prominent factor. In modern America racism takes many forms, from deciding where one sits on a bus to larger more systematic decisions like who goes to jail. Everyone acts racist at times. That does not make people bad, but polarizing and ignoring racism is where the problem lies. Racism is not going away, but in modern America we must learn to accept the fact that certain racial groups have historical disadvantages. Then we must start to make sense of it all.

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