Artist Profile: Jen Painter – Day Two


Photographer/videographer Jen Painter shares why she wanted to be involved in this summer’s RACE AND REVOLUTION, a public art show.

Q: Why did you want to participate in this show?
A: Exploring identities and histories of racism is a big undertaking, but creating something out of that exploration is downright terrifying. Talking out loud about racism as a white female is aggravating, intimidating, wondrous, educational, draining and fulfilling. Why are we able to speak more openly today about race and challenging racism than in the past? Why are we telling ourselves to face this reality now? I believe being a part of this show is something I need to do. As an artist who focuses on social issues, one could say I am constantly “choosing my battles”. This IS a kind of battle; however, I don’t see racism as a battle with different sides. I see it as a battle within ourselves, an internal struggle that can be overcome. This is perhaps why this project has been especially challenging. But I think it’s an important battle worth choosing.

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