The Historical Art of Frohawk Two Feathers

FROHAWK TWO FEATHERS teaches us about his imagined history that is based on the very real consequences of Colonialism.

Frohawk - Diptych

My name is Umar Rashid and I make art, under the assumed name of Frohawk Two Feathers, that deals with race, class, and gender in an alternative historical/colonial narrative that I’ve been writing and illustrating since 2006. What sets my work apart from the usual historical narrative is that I diverted from the canon after the death of Oliver Cromwell and created a massive super empire called Frengland out of the union of France and England in the late 17th century. The work also form a bridge to the present as most of the events that have occurred throughout history eventually repeats itself, oftentimes with not much variance from the first time. My narrative spans 300 years, is global in scope, and comes to a screeching halt in 1880 coinciding with the end of slavery in the Americas.

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