Frohawk Two Feathers: Racism in the U.S. is . . .

I asked FROHAWK TWO FEATHERS to explain or describe racism in the United States . . .Frohawk Two Feathers

How much time do you have really? Ha! Well, racism in the United States is endemic as it arrived with the first European to step of a ship unto shore. It has endured throughout all the wars and nation-building and has spread to the north, south, and west. It is an insidious disease that it carried in the heart of the descendants of the original colonists and adopted by the immigrants that followed them. In the cases where it has been purged from the hearts of the individual, its parasitic tendrils have attached itself to the very institution that is the nation and has largely become policy. It is something we all are entirely aware of and naïve to at the same time. It is a cancer that can be cured only if the host is willing to die. We all endure however in spite of it.

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