Michelle Angela Ortiz: Racism is . . .

MICHELLE ANGELA ORTIZ‘S community mural in Philadelphia, Aqui y Alla

Aqui y Alla 3

At this moment, the face of racism can be easily tied to Donald Trump and his followers. But racism in the United States is much more than media clips spewing hate, racism in this country is systemic.

In my city alone over 20 schools were shut down in predominately communities of color. Currently, schools and public health centers have been shut down in the colonized Puerto Rico increasing the poverty rate on the island to 45% leaving the island crippled in the hands of vulture funds. In the United States, millions of undocumented immigrants are criminalized and are led into the deportation system feeding money into the prison industrial complex. Communities of color are misrepresented in the media and are unjustly and harshly tried in the court systems. Our traditions and culture are constantly being appropriated, claimed, and used to market for financial gain.

When communities of color are not able to access affordable and high quality education, healthcare, housing, employment, it is clear that racism is intentionally embedded through our social and economic system in this country.

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