Michelle Angela Ortiz on the Power of Community

It has been a horrible week in United States history. Two unarmed black men were murdered by police officers; then snipers (a sniper) killed eleven police officers. Artists do have an opportunity to address such situations and reach people in a way that can help to heal. This is what artist MICHELLE ANGELA ORTIZ sees as her role as a community artist:

1Mexico City Mural

Through my evolution as an artist, I find myself in a place that I can not ignore what is happening around me. I have the capacity to create art that can transform spaces, present different perspectives, and inspire dialogue over the most profound social issues. I have been witness to the changes that happen to communities when they can express their fears, struggles, triumphs through the creative lens. I believe that every artist has the right to speak their truth, my truth is to create art that is both poetic and powerful and that speaks to social issues that I and/ or the communities I work with encounter.

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